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I enjoy exploring the imprint a building has on its surroundings and I try to celebrate those which I feel have been the most complimentary to their environment. Buildings are judged for their aesthetic and functional qualities and at some point we are left with a decision as to whether to maintain them, or replace them. This leaves every village, town and city with a portfolio of buildings, each having gone through a process of selection based on their aesthetic, functional, cultural or heritable qualities. Not every decision is correct, but each decision has a reason, and the impact of this is important. Those which prove to be most successful, be it through good design or functionality, can have a profoundly positive affect on the people who live and work inside them. In many cases they are the most significant part of a person’s life.

I like to research and discover more about these buildings, and tohighlight their impact by spending time rendering every detail that makes them unique. This process helps me to understand and appreciate the level of work which each architect has gone through to create the space. Then, using screen-printing, I add areas of rich colour or metallic ink. This is not only to add to the aesthetic of the artwork, but also to show the architecture in a new way. The aim is to bring these buildings to the attention of a modern audience and to encourage them to ask the question how and why each were created. I try not to focus too much on one architectural movement as it’s important to appreciate how we got where we are today.